Forgetting Things

I have always got lost on a path I have chosen to take.

Filling with anxiety and confusion, I keep flooding my mind with questions like why this is happening, did I made the right choice, and is this the life and consequences of a wrong decision.

Then we feel lost and helpless, trapped in depression and struggling in sleepless nights.

We are just so forgetful, aren't we?

Sometimes I just forgot how I used to think over and over again before I make any important decisions, until I found myself an important reason which is more than enough to convince myself to go for it at full power..

But I just got distracted by the up and downs and the problems and fell into the trap of lost and confusion, and eventually forgot my destination and most of all, I lost my

If I ever forget things again, please remind me to hold on.
Thank you my love, for always standing by me to support me.
I must not let you down again.

(Thank you Jesus.)



. Jäcky . said...

U are welcome my loved one ^.^

Everyone has da same eyes but da degree of vision just so different. It maybe leads to different interpretation and decision. I guess, we must always look for solid n rational reasons before making decision, assumption is possible but seek for supports.

U are no longer living with '2-eyes', it's somehow '4-eyes' d.

从小白到如玉 said...





Li Wen said...

. Jäcky . :

Thank you so much..
Not only that I need support.. I need reassurance and reminders from you too :)

Li Wen said...

如玉 :



Wey Chii said...

u can write them down somewhere like diaries..when read back will recall them back...^^

. Jäcky . said...

Good idea. ^^

Li Wen said...

Sometimes I just felt as if there is no time for me to look back as much as I did in the past anymore.. :"<

. Jäcky . said...

I make a time machine for you, okie?

not sure is it work as I said a lot and explained to ya.

Opsie : x