Last 10 In 2010

1. Complete 'that' drawing and upload it to dA and Facebook.
2. Tidy up my workspace.
3. Clean out my wardrobe and my room desk.
4. Do 20% of keyframes for FYP.
5. Refine Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 of SRI.
6. Lou poh's overdued birthday drawing. :3
7. Update and upload trip photos.
8. 2010 overview.
9. 2011 resolutions.
10. *slap self*

EDIT (010111): Tasks that aren't done yet will carry forward to next year XD


序 | Introduction







The thought of how to keep a good bilingual blog always pop up in my head, but I guess it's not easy to get things perfectly translated, I should try to let go of my control freak and perfectionist habit sometimes, or else this blog will never be alive again. So this is my new (new in concept) bilingual blog, liliterature.

Literature are related to writings and arts. 'Lili' (沥沥), the chinese character that I've used in here means the sound of small rain, and it has also the same sound as one of the character 'li' (俪) in my name, so it ends up like this - liliterature.

I always have the urge to express - be it singing, talking, drawing, writing, dancing, acting.. and other art forms. I didn't understand why I felt so upset and uninspired when I stopped doing all the above.

This is until I read a book that I've bought a few years ago by Shaun McNiff, Art as Medicine. The quote "art is the language of the soul" basically defines the meaning and function of art. In many situations, I used my rational mind to convince myself that creating spontaneous art is a waste of time, I should focus on what I should be doing at the moment. But the more I restrict myself, the more I feel unmotivated. Here's my problem, I am not just stopping myself from doing the things that I enjoy doing, it's more like I restricted the freedom of my emotions to speak; I jailed my heart.

The blog name "liliterature" is a reminder for myself to always let my soul speak. The spontaneous art might not be anything like a piece of refined literature, it'll probably be very awkward and raw, and it's called liliterature. *smirk*

Ah yes, I am lili. :)