Last 10 In 2010

1. Complete 'that' drawing and upload it to dA and Facebook.
2. Tidy up my workspace.
3. Clean out my wardrobe and my room desk.
4. Do 20% of keyframes for FYP.
5. Refine Chapter 2 or Chapter 3 of SRI.
6. Lou poh's overdued birthday drawing. :3
7. Update and upload trip photos.
8. 2010 overview.
9. 2011 resolutions.
10. *slap self*

EDIT (010111): Tasks that aren't done yet will carry forward to next year XD


Jacky Tan said...

Hehehee..very clear target o! Wish you can achieve it before 2011 although it has 3 more days to go only. :D

I love you! <3

Li said...

Hehe thk kyu bibi :D

Yalo, rushing coz too last minute, so have to slap self in the end XD