Goddess Nike


After the continuous silent ouch for pain, I somehow was struck with a feeling of - "Hey, it's a Nike..." Well, the thought did not came right after the ouch, but it came gradually when I noticed my left thigh - the source of the ouch, gradually shows a Nike logo.

My patch of skin gradually look darker than the rest, revealing a Nike-lookalike wound, just like when we used the 'burn' tool in photoshop, but now I did it non-digitally, by using an iron.

Nike, the popular sports apparel brand, is named after a Greek Goddess of Victory and Strength. Now I have Nike on my left thigh, and now the Goddess of Victory keeps shouting "Just Do It!" to me. Heh.


The significance of the wound means a lot to me, because I have recently made some resolutions for my coming semester, which I need to have a tough and a strong heart so that I will not freak out (again) while facing the coming challenges. This somehow, by coincidence, matches with Nike's slogan, "Just Do It". I guess this is the slogan I need, and by just doing it, I will have strength and gain victory in overcoming my fear and weaknesses, psychologically and spiritually.

I do not know how to express my gratefulness and appreciation to God for loving me always, and slowly teaching and guiding me to love Him and the others, by giving me the chance to love (sincerely and deeply) my family, and my significant other (Jacky!) as well. Everything turns awful when we forgot to love, love (or you may called it passion) is needed to succeed, whether it is loving your family, friends, bosses, colleagues, assignments, jobs, journeys and everything in our life. A life without passion is like... umm... an alarm clock who is a mute.

God bless everyone who believes in love and miracle.

Side note:

1 Nike and its logo is the property of Nike, Inc.

2 The scalding incident happened on 11th October (if I've not mistaken), I've drafted this some time ago, but just hadn't get my photos done yet, so explains the delay.

3 There used to be quite a few paragraphs in my draft post mentioning about my resolutions and discoveries of my own changes through time, but it turned out rather long, so I shall save it for later.


Wey Chii said...

yay new entry:)

Say no to weaknesses.
Just do it!

Qiqi missing u much><

. Jäcky . said...


Impossible is nothing. ^^

I love the tatoo but no more d. keke.

Li Wen said...


I miss you veli much tooo... >"<
Thank kyu, sometimes i miss my 'man4 hua4 zu3' very much, haha.


Heheh yalor, left a patch of undefined shape liao.