This Wednesday... I shall know if I deserve the miracle.

And before this Wednesday, my life is going to be coffee + strepsils + sleepless + passion.

Anyway even though it costs some time, today's interview to mfx was definitely worth it, it's really an eye-opener for a frog like me. I'll probably be on the elimination list, because I know my classmates are way hardworking and have spent more effort in their works than me. But that's really okay, I'm glad that I could even be called in for an interview.

But I do hope that I could do my internship next semester. Seriously.
I do not dare to even think of a 'what if'.

I know I keep lacking the passion and tried to run away... :<
I know I am not even standing at a place that I could beg for a miracle...

But it's all up to you, if I deserve this miracle.


emmajeans said...

fingers crossed...
toes, and eyes crossed, too.

Li Wen said...

Thank u so much emma!

Somehow I still don't know the result yet, but I knew I was given a new chance which I didn't expected...

And I know that it's a miracle given by Him to me...

emmajeans said...

I don't know. I think that faith is useless without hard work.

The whole 'God helps those who help themselves' thing.

Also, (as they say), 'Trust in God but lock your car'.

You can't blame God if you don't get it... and you can't think that if you don't, it's because you didn't _deserve_ it! There will be other opportunities.

But maybe you don't need other opportunities... maybe you did get your miracle?

Li Wen said...

I totally understand what you mean!

And that is whenever I'm faced with stuffs that I don't like, and I would always believe that it is something that God has given me to overcome in order to get what I need..

I think I did get my miracle.. but in another way! Which is something that I could be grateful enough to cry. And I will continue to work hard in order to get to the 'final stage'.