I have a confession to make, it's probably very common, but I still have to confess. I have problems concentrating on one thing at a time, and it's getting serious.

Anyway this is just a post for me to once again acknowledge and admit my own weakness and problem, I didn't mention this problem to people much, except a close friend.

I think it started about 4 years ago, when I start to notice that I find it hard to concentrate under all those stress with various activities. But the symptoms are getting worse. Even if I plug off my internet cable, and doing nothing else but one work, my mind gets carried away with something else. I couldn't even sit still sometimes.

I believe I don't have ADHD, since it's biological and I had never shown any similar symptoms during my childhood. I've found advices and suggestions to overcome this concentration problem. Just to mention a few, which probably sounds general, such as setting goals, time management, shaping some good habits and routines. There are some which sounds really useful to me, like getting rid of clutter at the workplace, including keeping the brain clutter-free. Besides the outer distractions, I had experienced my brain being extremely distracted, like in one moment, the brain is telling me dozens of different things, emotions, problems, weather, myths, past memories, future possibilities... etc. Sometimes they become rather overwhelming when I'm not controlling those thoughts. Another advice from psychologists  will also be exercise. Exercise get rid of the extra energy in individuals who had ADHD, and it balances the brain chemicals. I used to keep a weekly jogging routine in certain months, and I had not been experiencing severe concentration problems. When I slack off and skipped exercises, before I realized it, I'm drowned in my own unstable emotions and it includes inability to focus on one thing for a long time.

The most frustrating thing about this concentration problem is, when you know how far your abilities can go and the result doesn't reflect your own ability at all.

I got over with my mild depression, and I want to learn to concentrate for important and long tasks. I'll make an effort to be like myself and become a better individual. May God strengthen me and guide me through difficult situations.


Wey Chii said...

stress really causing some problems isnt it. sometimes i will be quite forgetful just because of this... in the end 弄巧成拙. then i tell myself not to set high expectation to myself, n concentrate on the things from the root of my heart, so that my attention n focus on things will shift from the unnecessary stuff onto the object i really want to work on.

just some thought about this.not sure if this is helpful to share=P

but hope things will work out for you;)

lili said...

Thank you qiqi~

Things actually has started to work out for me, this was in the past :)

I understand exactly what you mean! I have also slowly resorting back to taking things and facing stuffs casually, and I've been feeling lesser stress and work better with a casual attitude :) 平常心 is very important :)

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