Does this look like me?

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Or this one?

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An old work and a more recent work.
Noticing the changes of me over the years, makes me a little sad.

Sad because, I miss being
I miss being
I miss being
not to care much about how people think of me.

And I'm gonna get out of this dilemma.

God I want to dream again"
from the song "Unbreakable", by Fireflight

(Thanks Ostry for sharing the song with me! You always made me
stronger by sending me motivational songs ;p)


Anonymous said...

Lol. Do I always send you encouraging songs? I didn't really notice. :p I just send them because I think they're nice. Haha.

She put the lime in the coconut and drank it all up!

I wonder how is that motivating. :p

. Jäcky . said...

I saw very familiar 2 faces when I log in here. The 2 faces that supposed to be the same people but it does not somehow. I have spent most of my eyes on looking at her and I feel it in a lot of ways. Perhaps, you can look at the 2 pictures in this way.

In the way of coloring, sketching, drawing and so on, it represent the changes. Moreover, look at the expression of both characters and look at the pattern on the clothes. She has already found her own identity.

One thing lack of in the latest picture, the smile. That's all depends on you. =P


Li Wen said...


Yea! Like "Keep Holding On", "Stand By Me", hahaha! While the coconut song is motivating me to stay cacat! XD


Waa, bibi noticed the thing that I didn't put in mind, which is the smile. Come to think of it, yea, all my previous caricatures come with a creepy/evil smile... if anyone remembers that is.

Not smiling because... I'm losing my confidence.

But I still love the chains and horizontal patches and the yellow arrow on the first one.

Hey, I always have a thing with yellow arrow. Just in case for others who didn't know, this is one of my favourite photo too >>

Another Yellow Arrow pic

Legs in the photo: Jacky Tan :p

. Jäcky . said...

Stay cacat? Oh noooo... :x

Wuik, I saw my leg there. Actually, arrow is not always pointing to the direction that we really wish for but it just scoop down our aims. Somehow, when you look in big circle, we look wider and seek for more options. It's where we come to current state. =P

Who's know in next 1-2years, you will find your 'arrow' back (instead under my leg :x)

Li Wen said...

Maybe I'm following your lead, thus the arrow is pointing to your direction, and I'm following you from behind :p

Hehehe :D

. Jäcky . said...

Wuik. So sweet ha? I think u must be eating sweet Tart. Hehe.

-----> Move move. :D big smile.

Li Wen said...

No lar, I just am made of sugar.

Sugar, spice and everything nice, those are what girls made of. :)

. Jäcky . said...

girls are made from sugar ans spice?

no wonder they are sometimes sweet, sometimes hot. hehehe.

晴~ said...

哇哇~~ 好久没看到你的作品了~~
话说我还没等到我的画像呢~~ 你在高三纪念册上写要画美美的给我的~ 呵呵呵~~

Li Wen said...