Welcoming Moo-moo Year

Now it's new year eve and I still feel dead. I couldn't recall anything meaningful or important that I have done this whole year, except for the bond my significant other and I shared has strengthened and deepened. Maybe I'm blinded by your love that I couldn't see and do anything else. Heh.

Sorry I'm only good at making lame jokes. T_T

Okay, so I know I had to do something to bring back my enthusiasm, so I did something to welcome the moo-moo year.

"Bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi ----"
"Die you negative emotions!"

Happy new year 2009!

(After I finish this doodle, only I noticed that the hair flows to the wrong direction. *swt*)


. Jäcky . said...

*Moo mooo..Attack the 'Price Tag' old folk*

Hehe. aiks..something interesting thing here with the drawing by yourself. I could also easily recall our time being together too. Yet, it's going to be another year and I have to be tagged with different age and important changes in my life too. ^_^

Li Wen said...

Ehh where got.. they are peaceful neighbours..

See I so good... I even linked you up with "my significant other" :p

Hehe, see you later wo! :D

. Jäcky . said...

Hehe. Btw, how long it takes to draw and color it? The picture contain heavily with your style. This hero girl with rode and glove, like some kind of a character in hero world. Keke..

'bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi bi ---' sound effect?

Wey Chii said...

lame new year in ur blog:P
if u nvr mention..i dont know its going to be a 'cow' year..
isnt it only considered as 'cow' year start from the first day or cny?

wish u new year happee

Li Wen said...


Err.. I dunno, it took me about 3 hours to draw it and upload it to dA, flickr and blog about it.

Yar, SFX of the sonic wave!



OMG qiqi say I got a lame new year! T^T

Yar moo-moo comes during CNY, but new year's more or less quite close to CNY.. so I just 'integrate' both lor.. : x

Happy new year to u too!