SeDi Challenge

To those who have been following my blog since decades ago, SeDi might sound familiar to you. I made this term "SeDi" as a short for self-discipline, so yeah this is a Self-Discipline Challenge!

Previous SeDi Projects were.... failures. *look down on myself* Being reminded again by this post here, I decided to start one again, changing it from 'SeDi Project' to 'SeDi Challenge'. Because instead of doing the project, I want to overcome this challenge.

It is not fun to see my low self-esteem in my degree course constantly bulging into my life. My lack of confidence had been leading to severe procrastination. I keep imagining what ifs situations and become depressed and freak myself out. I keep praying, I think the Lord is constantly giving me chances (that I don't deserve) to overcome my fear, because He is this wonderful and patient.

I hated the weekly cycle. I despise my low self-esteem. I want to change.

The following is a daily to-do list:

1. Prayers
2. Work on FYP
3. Draw/write
4. Sleep early, not later than 2am; wake up early, not later than 10am.

This daily routine targets to work the hardest and most important task the first thing in the morning. No randomly checking emails, no facebook, no kongregate, no long chats when I'm working. I've spent too much time wandering off elsewhere.

Plan starts the day after this post.

I will post something after a week on my progress and results.

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lili said...

Update on one-week SeDi Challenge!

It was hard to follow this schedule everyday, I did it on 3 to 4 days where I sleep on time about 2-3am and waking up in the mornings 10am, but other days I had problems falling sleeping and waking up.

It was good to know that concentrating on one work is really productive. But I couldn't keep it up. During the days that I'm not sleeping early, I can focus a little more during the midnights.

I got very distracted. I gave myself excuses. I have no self-discipline. I had an emotional breakdown two days before. I felt so irritated, frustrated, annoyed, misunderstood my family members, hating people around, depressed.

I used to tell people I dislike people who keeps lying to themselves when there's something bad happens. But that's probably me that I hate. I lied to myself. Too much. I think too much. I became paranoid and lunatic.

I need exercises, perhaps. There must be something wrong with my brain chemicals.