Flipping the calendar backwards

1. 160613
Happy Fathers' Day!
...I am still saying it - I miss you Papa. ;_;

2. 160613
What a coincidence!
We met my friend and her family while they were crossing the road on the zebra-crossing right in front of our car.

3. 160613
So, today Violet taught me a new trick - writing stories starting from the ending.
That way I'll probably never come to the situation that I usually get - I have no idea how to end this story.
I was pretty excited about this new method - and start to think backwards and start doing mind maps, branching out ideas.
It's pretty cool and all, but now - I have no idea how to start this story. Haha.

...Then I decided to write something starting from this moment and going back to the beginning of the year.

Facing a test of endurance and patience - even if I am feeling hurt, I will not try to take revenge and hurt someone back. I was tempted but I know it's never the right way to solve things.

Blind spot:
Some people are trying hard to do the right things, and taking actions against the people who are against them, but never even once this thought of standing on the wrong side have crossed their minds.

My uncle passed away. No words can describe grief.

I'm a slow person. Learn slow, think slow, eat slow, shower slow, warming-up-to-people slow, pee slow. Sorry about it, and thanks for the warm welcome and friendly chats.

Grey areas are popular, we don't want to choose a side, not black, not white; we want to just fit inside the grey area, thinking that we could get the best of both sides. It is completely ok sometimes, but at other times choices has to be made, because there isn't actually any grey areas (that can last long maybe?), because if you're not one of us, then you're one of them.

- Switched projects
- More fun, more challenging, and more time spent on work too

Before 2012 ended, I thought I'd make a 2013 resolution, but it never happened;
and here I am, standing at the beginning of the third month in 2013.

Time seems to move at an increasing speed multiplied by a positive constant n% of the number of days I've lived... (?)
and life becomes more challenging when now I am trying hard to catch up with it.
But all is good.

Chinese New Year
Lots of fireworks this year, it was great listening to the fireworks - just like when I was still a kid.

Don't think I have ever posted my jobs on my blog before.
Maybe I never felt proud enough or secure enough to share it.
Never once have I dreamt that I could get a job in the games industry.
I think I love my current job much.

1. 130113
Went to visit Papa's grave on his birthday. :)

2. 120113
I am baptised into Jesus Christ! I am a Seventh-Day Adventist.
I am a new adventist, I have much to learn.

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I like the idea of thinking and writing stories backward :)
親愛的想你了 <3