2012 Resolutions | 續序2012



  1. Live in God
  2. Become a better person
  3. Become a better daughter/sister
  4. 自我溝通
  5. Exercise
  6. Financial Planning
  7. To drive more often
  8. Reading
  9. Revise basic Nihongo and Hangul
  10. Lefty's Training
  11. ll-m


1 Live in God
i attend church/lifechurch
ii read bible

through youversion's reading plans, online bible

through revising and memorizing verses
iii childlike faith

keep praying

never give up, never lose hope

2 Become a better person

(as an individual)
i be diligent
ii be confident
iii be understanding

3 Become a better daughter/sister

(as a family member)
i help with family matters
ii help to do chores
iii help with cooking
iv be caring
v be patient

4 自我溝通

(through different means of expression)
i express and communicate with self 

through writing, drawing, shooting etc
ii get myself a DSLR

5 Exercise
i do stretching daily: make a daily stretching plan
ii be able to touch the ground
iii get a pair of running/sports shoes

6 Financial Planning
i plan expenses/loan/savings/debt
ii stick with the plan

7 To drive more often

8 Reading
i finish 7 books

9 Revise basic Nihongo and Hangul
i be able to read nihongo smoothly
ii recognize some basic kanji
iii learn some basic phrases
iv be able to recognize hangul vowels and consonants

10 Lefty's Training
i brush teeth in the morning
ii weekly doodle/writing

11 ll-m

(showcasing hobbies/(art)works)
i make plans for ll-m

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